What we are about

Most people and companies in this day and age are completely dependent on their laptops, desktops and mobile devices . They allow us to keep up with friends, work, and get the most out of our business and leisure time.

Quite often technology is viewed as an unavoidable expense, rather than an opportunity to lower costs and increase productivity. This point of view often causes many businesses to miss opportunities by pouring money and resources into areas of waste and inefficiency.

At Unified Technologies we understand the vital role that response time plays in delivering Fast and Efficient Web Services and Tech Support.

  • Our Mission

    To revolutionise the I.T industry in Seychelles by bringing innovative and cutting edge solutions to market, to all business throughout the islands.

  • Our Culture

    Its Our Team and its passion that make this company great. At Unified Technologies working is about doing what we love and being great at it.

  • Why Unified Technologies?

    We pride ourselves on Quality Service & Project Delivery at Comprehensive Prices. We also believe that building reliable, trustworthy and long term business relationships is the key to a profitable business.

Join Our Team

Are you passionate about latest technologies like we are? Do you have the skills to impress and be the best? If yes, then we need you to make the future happen.

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